A few photographers I know, rely on Tumblr as their go to website for their business / photography news website, sometimes they upload an image that  might include a nipple or cleavage, thats classed as adult content, some photographers do nudity and nothing else, the problem is now  Tumblr are disabling accounts that show anything that might be classed as adult content from 17th December 2018. 

This means models, photographers and everyone else who might have an image or images in the same category might well have to look elsewhere to showcase their stuff, Blogspot would be another choice but is very much out dated now. 

Those that rely on Tumblr will soon have their accounts deleted, and loose all of their followers in the process, its such a shame its come to this. 

Time will tell I guess, just a sign of things that are changing for the future of the internet and its users.