I don’t use it like that, I used too, I just don’t need the drama unfolding in front of me day in day out, I will check the site manually most days just not whilst out and about / mobile.  The Cornish Connect page is still very much active as is my Instagram (thanks to all that follow, I had over 1300+ people follow last week, so I must be doing something right),

My iPhone died, I went out and bought the Huawei P20 Pro instead, making the move back to the dark side, and back where it all began, before apple – Android.

I even uninstalled WhatsApp this week, if I am out with family or working, I don’t need the hassle of pings going off all the time, if you need me in a hurry, – call 07399 513 726 or if its not all that of a quick response that you need, send a text instead. (same number).

When I go out to take photographs, I enjoy looking for the next image, seeing it in my mind before, pressing the shutter down of the camera, I enjoy the peace and the relaxation and spending my time making the magic work and unfold in front of me, please if its urgent, call me, if its not then send a text, I will get back to you.  I promise.